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International & Domestic Packing & Moving

We at B.M. International offer timely, professional, and distinctive abroad moving services. We have specialised ourselves with the necessary skills, information, and resources that allowed us to emerge and help you relocate throughout the world without difficulty.
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BM International Packing & Moving

Worldwide Shipping & Freight Forwarding

For many of the most demanding clients in the globe, B.M International is their preferred provider of logistics and transportation services. B.M. International offers a wide range of international logistics services to suit everyone's demands.

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BM International Shiping & Freight Forwarding

Record Management Storage (RMS)

At B.M. International, we are industry leaders in secure document management services, document scanning and imaging, digital transformation, and secured destruction services. Our record management division provides the expertise and tools necessary to efficiently maintain our archives.
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BM International Record Management Storage

Warehousing and Distribution

B.M. International offers various programs according to client requirements. We provide support to our customers by handling tasks such as labour, goods-packaging, warehousing, timely delivery, management and accounting etc.

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BM International Warehousing and Distribution

Healthcare Equipment Handling

Efficient and effective supply chain management is essential in any industry, but perhaps especially when it comes to healthcare. Patients and providers rely on the safe, timely, and accurate delivery of the medical supplies, devices, and equipment they need to receive/provide quality care.
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BM International Healthcare Equipment Handling


B.M International cares for families and people coming to India. Supporting and making ex-pats comfortable in our home country, India. India is a country with diverse backgrounds and cultures. We assist in relocating our clients according to their needs and requirements.

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BM International Relocation