BM International Relocation


B.M International cares for families and people coming to India. Supporting and making ex-pats comfortable in our home country, India.

India is a country with diverse backgrounds and cultures. We assist in relocating our clients according to their needs and requirements. People who arrive in India want support to adapt and know about the country and surrounding areas, such as schools for children and homes for a stay according to the best location and facilities available. Understanding the movement of people and families to India, we believe in offering full relocation services.

  • Pick up and drop from airport to their new home
    People arriving from abroad find it difficult to commute from the airport to their home destination, handle their luggage, find a taxi, and reach a new home. Understanding the time difference between their home country and India and travelling by air or sea makes people jet lag, which makes them feel like taking a rest as soon as they reach India.

    B.M International wants our clients to feel homely, making their movement hassle-free and smooth. We have our team and mode of transport to make you feel homely and comfortable. Our experienced team will pick you up from the airport and drop you at your location while giving you an en-route tour of the places.
  • Home search
    People from abroad want to stay in a society where everything is available to them on the spot when they need it. We will assist them in finding a home in the best location surrounding the best facilities.
  • School and College Search
    B.M International cares for families and people coming to India. Providing good quality schooling/college life and education is important for children.

    India has a different cultural and diverse background; children may find it difficult to adapt. B.M International will assist them in finding good reputed schools/colleges, admissions schedules and registration dates, thus, making the children adapt and comfortable with the environment and culture.
  • Health is the most significant part of our lives
    Having connections with a good team of doctors and medical facilities is important. We will help you connect with the best medical facilities and doctors whenever required.
  • Handling paperwork
    Since every country has rules and regulations, people may need help connecting with lawyers and handling the proper documents, such as property documents.

    B.M International will assist you in getting connected with the right person in charge of the documentation, making your move smooth and hassle-free.
  • Giving tour and making you feel comfortable
    Our team will give you a tour of the facilities and surrounding area when you arrive.