Our Achievements

Just to name a few and so on and counting…

BM International Achievement
First Super Computer in India
(Cray Super Computer)

B.M International handled the first Super computer in India. The computer could not be tilted to any degree while handling and transport, our skilled and experienced team was capable in delivering the quality services and delivering it to our client.

BM International Achievement
Indian Exhibition in Dhaka

B.M International was the first company to handle exhibition outside India on door-to-door basis. The exhibition took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1986 and our experienced team handled the exhibition. The cargo was transported in more than 75 trucks from Delhi to Dhaka with Trans-Shipment at Benapole/Tetrapole and onwards by Ferry on two rivers up to Dhaka and return. This was the first time such a big exhibition movement was handled on door-to-door basis.

BM International Achievement


We have handled diplomatic shipments of many embassies on global scale and are presently working and handling the shipments.

Multinational corporations

We have handled numerous shipments of the companies and moved people worldwide hassle free.